Goldnote PST-10 turntable power supply. For Mediterraneo, Bellavista range etc. £750.


In black.

Excellent upgrade for Mediterraneo etc.

Perfect pitch and improved dynamics and detail.

Can be combined with Fiorino TSC (also in stock) to radically upgrade earliest Bellavista range.

PST-10 is a super inductive power supply designed for all Gold Note low voltage powered turntables. With its pure energy it will increase the sound quality of your analogue set up significantly.


The special external power supply has been developed using a Super Inductive Dual Choke hybrid design. It feature an inductive filter on the analogue stage and a dual choke design powered by a double inductor driving both the negative and positive high-current stages.

The Gold Note proprietary Dual Choke design perfectly filters the signal voltages to eliminate any interference and electrical noise from the AC power supply.

Provides a shield from the AC power grid by achieving complete insulation, an ideal working environment is created for the electronics to perform at their best.

This ultra-clean power supply generates enhanced noise reduction, greater dynamics, better resolution and finer detail guaranteeing the best realism and musicality.

Dedicated specifically to the Gold Note low voltage turntables, the PST-10 features a 4 power supply stages with 4 ultra-low noise voltage regulators. The device is powered by 4 transformers ( 3 dedicated to the power supply and 1 for the inductive choke filter).

To enhance performance, the PST- 10 is supplied with a 1,5m long custom silver core conductor cable to power the turntable.

Retail 1150 Euros.

Harbeth HL MK3 Monitors – £550

Harbeth HL MK 3 Monitors.
(Better than the HL MK 4 with its ‘improved’ TPX bass/mid driver.)
And in my opinion (and to my surprise!) more musical, transparent and quicker sounding than the Harbeth HL compact 7 Radial.
In good condition with new original tweeters.
Serial numbers 1977A and 1977B.
Speaker 1
Speaker 2


Funk Firm F-X arm – £850.

Excellent condition with box.

Same as FX-R except for fixed arm lead.

(The removable arm lead on FX-R has fragile pins.)

Retailed for £1300.

Turntable DC power supply

Minimalist turntable DC power supply with adjustable speed control.

Can run on battery 9-12V.

Speed stable, detailed and silent!

Built on maple and ebony block with Black Gate capacitors and 2W Audionote tantalum resistors.

Wired with flat silver in cotton sleeving.

Excellent sound quality!