Slagle AVC autoformer dual mono volume modules.

Can also be used as unpowered headphone amp.

Excellent quality.

As this was a personal project am selling at cost price.

David Slagle charged me £295 including shipping for the AVCs.
Hammond ABS enclosure £26 (£10 shipping).
4 x ETI high quality sockets £10 each – £40 + £8 shipping = £48
Duelund hook-up wire and silver wire – £20.

Total customs and handling charges £33.40
No charge for knobs and labour.
Total = £422.40

Icon Audio CD-X1 Signature CD Player

The signature version has the upgraded Jensen capacitors but was also bought with upgraded tubes (Shuguang Treasure CV-181).

I can supply it with the even better Psvane CV181 TII Series valves with very few hours on them and a back-up pair of Tung-Sol 6SN7 GTBs (just about burned in). These two pairs are ideal for tube rolling, Psvane being full-bodied and the Tung Sols more neutral. For an extra £150, I’ll swap out either of the above for a pair of Mullard ECC33’s!

Currently it also has a lovely Sylvania OA3 regulator valve and a German EZ80 rectifier.

Bespoke high quality mains cable/connector/plug also provided.


1 x 50K TKD 2CP-2511. 1 wafer removed because of faulty track. Other channel wafer fine. TKD do not supply replacement wafers! Works fine as a mono or for spares. £25
1 x 100K Black Alps stepped. £85

1 x 500K Alps Black stepped. £65

2 x 250K Blue Alps £6 each.
3 x 100K 128Y stereo (Bourns) metal frame potentiometers. Stepped. £40
1 x 10K Noble potentiometer (excellent sound) in good condition. £28.

1 x 470K Sfernice – tighter bass than Blue Alps. £15

Gold Note Tuscany Gold cartridge – £2995

Top of the range Moving Coil with silver coils.

Amazing detail and even-handedness.

Not run-in yet – less than 50 hours
£6200 retail.

The Tuscany Gold phono cartridge features the smallest, highest precision micro-coils Gold Note has ever produced. Featuring one of the shortest and stiffest cantilevers available, the Tuscany Gold is able to guarantee great tracking ability that allows the cartridge to be matched with almost any tonearm on the market. The revised body of the Tuscany Gold made of 7000 silicon alloy injected with semi-fluid polymers provides total vibration control for a top audio performance. Due to its excellent internal impedance of 40 ohm the Tuscany Gold can be easily matched with MC active phono preamps without any Step-Up transformer.
MC Low Output Phono Cartridge
– Output level: 0.15mV
– Frequency response: 10-70000Hz
– Impedance: 40ohm
– Suggested load: >400ohm
– Compliance: 15×10-6cm/dyne
– Channel separation: >35dB
– Suggested tracking weight: 1.4 to 2.0g
– Cantilever: extra short magnesium alloy
– Diamond: Super Micro Elliptical shape
– Mounting hole diamond distance: 5mm
– Total weight: 11g
– Body: solid block machined hardened aluminium and Sustarin
– Color: black body with gold logo and name