Tektron TK2A350S REF power amplifier. £2000

Ex-dem with 10 hours of use.

Fascinating power amp with adjustable heater voltage allowing use of different output triodes – 45, 2a3, 300B, VT 50 &52.

Can use UX245, UX345, KR 242 and type 46 with adaptors.

Currently has Electro Harmonix 300B Golds.

JAN 5Z3 rectifier.

Retails for £3750 + VAT.

Transcription Audio 211 Low Profile – £3500

Beautiful 211 integrated 18w/ch minimum.
Ex-dem. latest spec. in solid American walnut
3 inputs.
Transformers below deck.
7kg output transformers.
DC heaters on driver stage.
Choke regulated.
Cryo valves.
Massive power supply 2kV oil capacitor.
Takes on £30K 211 amps with ease.
45 kg – over-specced components run cooler and quieter than competitors.