RIP Glenn Croft

The man I have looked-up to the most in my life has suddenly died.

He had many rare qualities and what he stood for spoke volumes to me.

In some ways he combined those rare British strengths of being inventive, stoical, loyal, honest, shy, an animal lover, kind by nature, a man of his word.

But also strong, sensitive and quiet with a sharp wit that came out of the blue.

I stocked only the Croft brand of amplifiers he built by hand because they ‘spoke’ to me and to thousands of others.
Voices were real, the soundstage was 3 dimensional, timing spot on.

His genius lay in the intuitive minimalism of his designs. Sometimes, other designers would look at his beautiful hand-wired work and scratch their heads in disbelief at the apparent simplicity.

I have been thinking lately about how to view death; the cocktail of being unwell mixed with the illness of these times is heavy.
He became angry with the unbelievable, self-serving egotism of the Conservative party, the absurd bureaucracy around Brexit, Covid, Putin’s war. Most sensitive and observant people feel this burden.

I will never forget you Glenn. You understood the duality between objective and subjective better than any person I know. I just can’t believe you have left us!