Product Range

Listed below are the current selection of audio components we prefer for their musically-rewarding experience:

Croft Acoustics
Quite simply, handmade British Hi-Fi at its best.

Valve pre-amplifiers and hybrid power amplifiers to give you goose-bumps!

Truly the best of both worlds.

A wonderful range of  hand-built, point-to-point wired amplifiers.

Objects of beauty both physically and sonically.

The elusive qualities of single-ended amplification done right.

Gold Note
Fine audio equipment hand-made in Florence, Italy.

A whole range of stylish Hi-Fi equipment combining superb detail with a more natural tonality than is the norm.


Role Audio Loudspeakers
For the best “small” TRANSMISSION LINE loudspeakers!

Standout qualities are a focussed bass and great imaging with small footprint.


Vertex AQ Quescent Technologies
Vertex AQ is a high-end hi-fi manufacturing company based in Wales, Great Britain. The company was established in 1999 when it first launched its Jaya shunt mains filter and has steadily grown into a world leader presenting hi-fi system solutions at every level with their Systematic Approach.