Turntable DC power supply

Minimalist turntable DC power supply with adjustable speed control.

Can run on battery 9-12V.

Speed stable, detailed and silent!

Built on maple and ebony block with Black Gate capacitors and 2W Audionote tantalum resistors.

Wired with flat silver in cotton sleeving.

Excellent sound quality!

Pink Triangle PT00 – 650 Euros.

Serviced by Arthur K. at Funk Firm with Funk Firm Achromat and acrylic armboard.

This was serviced by Arthur and then traded-in soon after.
There are 3 drive belts and 3 hinge Lids.
A Funk Firm mat and perspex armboard plus the original armboard.
No lid.
Can supply and fit with excellent Gold Note B5.1 arm for extra £730.
(B5.1 arm in pictures is mine, but I could supply a new, unopened one.)

Excellent 3D depth and emotional involvement.

It has the bigger Pink Triangle power supply tested and working well.

PT00 fully tested 650 Euros without arm.