Blacknote DSS30i tube DAC Streamer – £1500


Fantastic-sounding balanced DAC/streamer built on Linux platform with silver pcbs.

Plays memory sticks directly with an unsurpassed sound quality.

2 x 6922 valve output stage.

Output board upgraded with Clarity Cap output capacitors and non-inductive resistors.

£2995 retail


Transcription Audio 211 Low Profile – £3500

Beautiful 211 integrated 18w/ch minimum.
Ex-dem. latest spec. in solid American walnut
3 inputs.
Transformers below deck.
7kg output transformers.
DC heaters on driver stage.
Choke regulated.
Cryo valves.
Massive power supply 2kV oil capacitor.
Takes on £30K 211 amps with ease.
45 kg – over-specced components run cooler and quieter than competitors.

Excellent Loth-X Stamm Drivers – £2000

The Loth-X are the best-sounding unmodified full-range drivers ever with beautifully machined frames, stiff cone-doping giving a pistonic movement (no folding) and high quality speaker terminals etc.   104db to 108db sensitivity – horn cab dependent.

Flat 8 ohm and extremely rare as were not sold separately from speaker cabs.