Role Audio Loudspeakers

Manufacturers website:

I am proud to announce that I import the Role Audio range of speakers from the U.S.
Compact, modern in appearance and well-priced, they integrate with most environments offering a small footprint and work admirably on bookshelves or other pieces of furniture.
What is deceptive, however, is their performance: They image beautifully (excellent crossover design), produce a tight, deep bass which belies their size (thanks to transmission-line loading) and offer a genuine `high end` sound.
I`ve seen a few jaws drop as customers are convinced a bigger pair of speakers are playing.
The bar has now been lifted regarding the level of performance possible from compact enclosures.

This is a brilliant range of transmission-line speakers which are domestically friendly without forfeiting true audiophile performance.  A neat solution to accommodating a high quality speaker system with an elegantly narrow footprint.

The designs cater for Home Cinema aficionados who are seeking that elusive combination of high quality impactful movie effects coupled with true audiophile sound quality.

The use of transmission line loading provides exceptional bass-tightness.

They possess seemless crossover designs with drive-units which are designed by the same company to work together. The results are clear in the amazing imaging and perfect tonal matching between bass/mid and tweeter.

Fantastic 10 year warranty and use of eco-friendly materials mean no formaldehyde vapours which can harm health.

Please come and listen for yourselves, you will be surprised.