Gold Note DS-10 PLUS & PSU-10 EVO Review

…embodies 5 devices in a single component: it’s a fully-fledged streamer via Ethernet or Wi-Fi by its own GN Control app, it’s a Bluetooth receiver, a top-class digital-to-analog converter, a dedicated headphone amplifier and a proper preamplifier.

… their build quality is absolutely spectacular, they look eye-catching, fit and finish is at the highest level I’ve encountered with personal audio

… By far, the most interesting feature, is its chameleon DAC setting that can be accessed in the lower right side of the screen. You can tailor it exactly to your needs, you can make it linear and super extended in the frequency response, you can make it analytical or a lot smoother and easy going, you can even roll-off its upper treble if you want.

… Compared to a well-made Chinese DAC, there is more happening in the midrange, there is more vibration in the human voice, there are more nuances that I can pick and more important than ever, it just relaxes me every time I push that play button on the GN Control app. You can certainly make it drier, slightly more analytical sounding, but I think that its genuine Italian sound should be experienced first, before playing with those chameleon DAC settings. I’ve experienced a see-through transparency, a high level of detail retrieval and some of the best layering and depth I’ve heard with all-in-one units.



Funk Firm Houdini Mini Review – Nov. 2020

The Funk Firm Houdini has added focus, lowered distortion, improved dynamics slightly but, most importantly, the music now floats out of the speakers in a way digital never really manages. This is in quite a high-end front end. Without exaggerating, I would compare the effects to a successful £2000 upgrade or 25% improvement in my set-up and I have had over 40 years of experience in getting the best out of systems. What is particularly interesting about Houdini is that I can’t think of an upgrade in any part of the Hi-Fi chain where quite that same improvement in space and perspective within the soundstage is achieved. The music sounds closer to the real event rather than just different.

Now stocking Houdini as I have been so impressed!