Mantrasound Naturelle speakers £1500

95db 8 ohm super fast 5 inch Supravox bass/mid drivers with special wooden phase plugs.
Silver inductors and top quality capacitors in outboard 1st order crossover.
Best sounding bespoke dipole tweeter ever.
Great with 300B amps and amps with fullsome bass e.g Monarchy SM 70 etc.
Retail was about £5000

click on images below for full-size pictures …

Pink Triangle PT00 with top of the range Origin Live DC Ultra kit –

Serviced by Funk Firm with Funk Firm Achromat, new bearing and acrylic armboard.

It has a Funk Firm Achromat, acryllic armboard and new bearing fitted by Arthur Khubessarian the designer.
I can include old armboard PSU and motor etc. I have no lid.
The black one at the bottom of the page which cost £970 including selected motor.
I want £600 for the PT00 and £600 for the Origin Live upgrades.
ot sure if the old PSU is working, will check.

Top of the range Option 5 Origin Live DC Ultra motor kit and their biggest upgrade transformer power supply costing £1185.

£600 for deck, £600 for Origin Live kit. Will supply old motor, PSU andarmboard. No lid.

Excellent 3D depth and emotional involvement.


1 x 50K TKD 2CP-2511. 1 wafer removed because of faulty track. Other channel wafer fine. TKD do not supply replacement wafers! Works fine as a mono or for spares. £25
1 x 100K Black Alps stepped. £85

1 x 500K Alps Black stepped. £65

2 x 250K Blue Alps £6 each.
3 x 100K 128Y stereo (Bourns) metal frame potentiometers. Stepped. £40
1 x 10K Noble potentiometer (excellent sound) in good condition. £28.

1 x 470K Sfernice – tighter bass than Blue Alps. £15

Gold Note Tuscany Gold cartridge – £2795

Top of the range Moving Coil with silver coils.

Amazing detail and even-handedness.

Very neutral.

Will consider exchange for a Miyajima cartridge which has a deliberately warmer tone.

Not run-in yet – less than 50 hours.

Can be inspected.

£6200 retail.

The Tuscany Gold phono cartridge features the smallest, highest precision micro-coils Gold Note has ever produced. Featuring one of the shortest and stiffest cantilevers available, the Tuscany Gold is able to guarantee great tracking ability that allows the cartridge to be matched with almost any tonearm on the market. The revised body of the Tuscany Gold made of 7000 silicon alloy injected with semi-fluid polymers provides total vibration control for a top audio performance. Due to its excellent internal impedance of 40 ohm the Tuscany Gold can be easily matched with MC active phono preamps without any Step-Up transformer.
MC Low Output Phono Cartridge
– Output level: 0.15mV
– Frequency response: 10-70000Hz
– Impedance: 40ohm
– Suggested load: >400ohm
– Compliance: 15×10-6cm/dyne
– Channel separation: >35dB
– Suggested tracking weight: 1.4 to 2.0g
– Cantilever: extra short magnesium alloy
– Diamond: Super Micro Elliptical shape
– Mounting hole diamond distance: 5mm
– Total weight: 11g
– Body: solid block machined hardened aluminium and Sustarin
– Color: black body with gold logo and name

Role Audio Kayaks £750.

Excellent sub-compact 2 way loudspeakers in natural birch finish.

Extremely good, seamless crossover design.

Better than LS3/5a IMO.

Amazing imaging.

Include elegant magnetic grilles.
Dimensions: 8 X 5.5 X 6.5 inches, 20 X 14 X 17 cm

Gold Note PH-11 MM/MC phono stage, Ex-dem – £2695

Gold Note PH-11 MM/MC 3 box phono stage – ex-dem.

Quadruple battery powered MM/MC state of the art phono stage with intelligent battery charging system. Amazing ‘inky black’ background silences.

Same circuit as the PH-10 but PH-11 adds higher quality componentry, superior outboard power supply and intelligent charging system.

Great insight into the musical performance – amazing piece of kit.

Retail is £3995.


Gold Note XS-93 speakers ex-dem £3500

Retail £7500

White leather with piano black lacquered baffles.

Classic 3 way design with paper drivers.

Includes bespoke stands and spikes.

Rhodium plated terminals.

Crossover upgrades.

93db sensitivity, infinite baffle (sealed) , thin-wall construction.

Deep, fast bass, great detail. Superb with 300B SE amps!

Like a Spendor SP100R but faster, more responsive and suited to all music types.

A pretty-unique design combining the best practices of classic designs with modern technology.

More information from Gold Note’s website at the time in 2013 directly below the images…

The XS-93 is a real 93dB high sensitivity 3 way sealed loudspeaker designed to achieve the best possible natural audio resolution in an elegant cabinet which cosmetically matches any modern environment. The XS-93s use a new extra light plywood cabinet specifically tuned which features the whole frame treated with real leather that provides a rational frequency resonance control. The rear panel works as passive driver helping the bass response extension of the speaker, thus obtaining an exceptional lifelike sound quality. The 100 litres volume cabinet houses one 12.5″ paper custom cone woofer, the only available on the market today of this size powering a sealed design. This special driver has a soft foam suspension that ensures low bass response, astonishing speed and a very high efficiency. The 6.5″ midrange is the same XS-96 top quality hand made paper semi-flat cone capable of handling high power with fine detail and extremely fast transient and dynamic response. The 1″ soft dome tweeter has a double split phaser which enables great dispersion over the front baffle of the speaker and provides ultra-fine detail that guarantees a wide and deep soundstage with very natural resolution. The hand made crossover is made with custom components such as large size film foil capacitors and precision MOX resistors wired with Goldenote solid core custom cables. The XS-93 features the Goldenote BP-01 binding posts exclusively treated with rhodium 100% nickel free to preserve perfect conductivity.

MAIN DETAILS Loudspeaker – 93dB high efficiency sealed speaker – 6ohm – 3way Floorstanding 105cm tall, 37cm wide, 40cm deep – 40Hz-20000Hz – 12″ paper woofer – 6,5″ paper Midrange – 1″ soft dome Tweeter TYPE: 3 way sealed speaker FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 40-20000Hz ±3dB SENSITIVITY: 93dB spl (2,83Volts/1mt) TWEETER: 1″ soft dome driver. MIDRANGE: 6,5″ paper cone driver. WOOFER: 12,5″ paper cone custom driver. SUGGESTED POWER AMPLIFIER: 5Watts – 100Watt MAX POWER HANDLING: 160Watts RMS IMPEDANCE: 4Ω nominal (8Ω from 500-20000Hz) quite resistive phase CROSSOVER: 350Hz@12dB/Octave – 4500Hz@12dB/Octave UPGRADES CROSSOVER components: PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS: (LxDxH): 360mm x 400mm x 1050mm with Integrated Stand VOLUME: 100 Litres each WEIGHT: 30.00 Kilos (88Lbs.) each packed FINISHES GENUINE LEATHER: Handcrafted real Italian leather with walnut front panel.

Siena Loudspeaker Cable – £850

4 metre pair.

It features solid core silver conductors and the special Gold Note geometry.

A sealed Elastollan® air tube filled with a special mineral oil working as a dielectric enables an almost perfect impedance throughout the whole length of the cable while damping the electrical energy of the conductor.

Silver in oil-damped tubing.

The detail of silver without the sheen.

A really excellent cable – not really known in the UK

Retail £1400

Audionote and Jensen Capacitors

2 X Audionote 1uF Silver foils (light 10 hrs use – measure perfectly) £594 each retail ex VAT – £500 the pair

2 X Jensen 2 uF Copper foils 200 WVDC (4 hrs use in speaker crossover) are at least £90 each retail – £100 the pair

2 X Jensen 4.7 uF Aluminium foils 100 WVDC (lightly used only in speaker crossover) are at least £147 each retail – £90 the pair.

See Hi-Fi Collective for latest price guide.

Others not yet priced:
1 x Silver Foil Audio Note 0.33uF 600V
2 x Silver Foil Jensen 0.33uF 630V
1 x Silver Foil Jensen 0.22uF 630V
1 x Copper Foil Jensen 0.22uF 630V
1 x Copper Foil Audio Note 0.1uF 630V
1 x Silver Foil Jensen 0.1uF
8 x Silver Foil Jensen 0.01uF 630V (2 labelled Transcapacitor for Croft)
2 x Copper Foil Audio Note 0.22uF 630V
2 x Copper Foil Audio Note 0.18uF 630V
2 x Copper Foil Audio Note 0.015uF 630V

Audiolite Replica lite speaker stands – £230

Ex-dem 60cm transparent acrylic speaker stands. £410 retail.

Attractive looks, more natural tone than traditional metal stands.

Ideal for bright-sounding standmount speakers as many are.

Have listened to these again in Jan 2021 and am impressed by their clarity without edginess compared to metal stands while showing better definition than wooden support tables.