Siena Loudspeaker Cable Р£850

4 metre pair.

It features solid core silver conductors and the special Gold Note geometry.

A sealed Elastollan¬ģ air tube filled with a special mineral oil working as a dielectric enables an almost perfect impedance throughout the whole length of the cable while damping the electrical energy of the conductor.

Silver in oil-damped tubing.

The detail of silver without the sheen.

A really excellent cable – not really known in the UK

Retail £1400

Ten Audio TAD-1 DAC Р£2500

Superb valve dac ex-dem.

Excellent, dynamic sound with 3 dimensional valve tone.

Upgraded GE output valves.

Later called VAD.

6Moons reviewing TAD 1 6Moons TAD 1 pages

HiFi Choice about DAC 10 DSD (2014)

HiFi Critic reviewing DAC 12 Enjoy the Music DAC 12 pages

Sounds superb even with basic computer audio set-up due to its tonal richness and scale.

Retail price £6995

Blacknote DSS30i tube DAC Streamer Р£1500


Fantastic-sounding balanced DAC/streamer built on Linux platform with silver pcbs.

Plays memory sticks directly with an unsurpassed sound quality.

2 x 6922 valve output stage.

Output board upgraded with Clarity Cap output capacitors and non-inductive resistors.

£2995 retail


Transcription Audio 211 Low Profile Р£3500

Beautiful 211 integrated 18w/ch minimum.
Ex-dem. latest spec. in solid American walnut
3 inputs.
Transformers below deck.
7kg output transformers.
DC heaters on driver stage.
Choke regulated.
Cryo valves.
Massive power supply 2kV oil capacitor.
Takes on £30K 211 amps with ease.
45 kg – over-specced components run cooler and quieter than competitors.

Excellent Loth-X Stamm Drivers Р£2000

The Loth-X are the best-sounding unmodified full-range drivers ever with beautifully machined frames, stiff cone-doping giving a pistonic movement (no folding) and high quality speaker terminals etc.   104db to 108db sensitivity Рhorn cab dependent.

Flat 8 ohm and extremely rare as were not sold separately from speaker cabs.

“As a complete Hi-fi novice I can thoroughly recommend Audioflair”

As a complete Hi-fi novice I can thoroughly recommend Audioflair and in particular Adrian Parsons.

I usually buy my Hi-Fi equipment second hand buy on this occasion, after much research, I decided to buy a Croft Micro Basic pre-amp and came across Audioflair’s website after Googling for Croft pre-amps so I decided to e-mail them, as you do, on New Years Eve!

Anyway I received a prompt reply from Adrian that day who answered my initial query within a few hours and continued to answer my e-mail questions regarding my set-up and the amp all throughout the day with professionalism and politeness despite the fact that I was only going to spending £400!  Never once, during our e-mail exchange, did Adrian ever treat as anything other than a customer and offered excellent advice regarding the pre-amp’s phono board and my Denon DL-110 cartridge which is a high output moving coil cart.

He assured me that the cartridge would be fine with the Croft, which it is, and he made the entire buying process simplicity itself.

Anyone buying ‚Äėblind‚Äô so to speak will agree that it is important to have complete confidence in the product that you are buying and also in the person who you are buying something from and in this respect I can‚Äôt recommend Adrian enough.

The amp arrived promptly from the manufacturer (as advised by Adrian) and was very well packaged and protected.

Adrian continued to communicate with me even after delivery and helped with some technical questions I had when I was setting the amp.

I am happy to recommend both Audioflair and indeed Croft for the excellent service and helpful friendly service.

Thanks Adrian.

Tony Cosgrove, Glasgow.

“I discovered Audioflair by recommendation, which I find to be the best way, in general, to find quality”

Name: Darrel Sheinman

Occupation: Owner at Gearbox Records and Private Equity investor in Music Rights.

I discovered Audioflair by recommendation, which I find to be the best way, in general, to find quality. Several years ago I was in the market for a system upgrade, but was finding it difficult to discern the truth in the complex hi-end, largely cottage industry hi-fi world.

Those who pay the most in marketing invariably become most well known,  but are not necessarily the best. That is not to say that the big  names are absent when getting advice from is more that  a reasonable and balanced view is given, not clouded by perception and expectation, but judged solely on whether it sounds good. I have bought most of my components through Audioflair, because after weighing up the pros and cons of all the competition in each of the  relevant price points, I seem to come back to Adrian at Audioflair’s consistent philosophy of natural, uncoloured sound using the best choice of tools to deliver it. He gave proper insight into the wonders of serious valves, horns and well made solid state, and the art of  matching them well within budget….all good. Oh, and he is an engineer and inventor too, so things can be upgraded on site! Highly recommended.

“… discovering Audioflair has been a godsend to me”

Name: Doug Haddow

Occupation: Artist

As a somewhat disillusioned Hi-Fi enthusiast, after years of spending money on ‚Äú5 star equipment‚ÄĚ which didn`t perform up to scratch , discovering Audioflair has been a godsend to me, and, I`m sure, also to any other ‚Äúlost souls‚ÄĚ out there trying to get good, honest advice. Your help over the past few years on a variety of Hi-Fi equipment has been invaluable, and my system is now far closer to that which I always desired to own.

The valve upgrade on my Croft pre amp was magic, and at a very fair price (Audiofair price?‚Äď Ok maybe not). It made a major improvement in performance, the first of many to follow. Speakers, power amp, cables, all have been spot on, The opportunity to try things out, at home, on ones own system, is an obvious benificial, personal touch, not always available, or ¬†welcomed, by larger companies. So, thanks, and keep on doing what you do.

“Adrian is a diamond geezer”

Name: Nick Wilkinson

Occupation: Musician

As an acoustic musician and occasional sound engineer, I have spent much of my working life listening closely to musical instruments. Adrian has given me the advice I needed to get a truly amazing life-like sound from my home-system. If I’d followed his advice from the beginning I’m sure I would have saved myself several thousand pounds and a lot of frustration. Adrian is a diamond geezer who understands real hi-fi and believes passionately

“I highly recommend him”

Name: Neil Simon

Occupation: The Romantic Tenor

I am a musician and am very particular about the quality of music I listen to.  Adrian at Audioflair has guided me through a number of products to help get to the level that I am happy with in terms of quality of sound and musicality.  He has many years of experience and will be happy to discuss your requirements and tailor the product.  He will also give you time to consider your options and make your choice!   I highly recommend him.

“The service was personal, honest and non marketed”

Name: Rose Wormald

Occupation: Charity Shop Worker

I have a Hi Fi system, which had been unused for around 3 years. I did not want to spend my budget on Tottenham Court Road! and was not too knowledgeable on stereo equipment, so needed advice.

I had the system serviced and with a limited budget of £150, Adrian invested in fantastic, hand made speakers for me. These alone stood alongside many worth 2k, the sound is first class and the speakers look individual, which is what I really wanted.

The service was personal, honest and non marketed, I would absolutely recommend Audio flair and use them in the future.