Blacknote DSS30i tube DAC Streamer – £1500


Fantastic-sounding balanced DAC / streamer, built on a Linux platform with silver pcbs.

Plays memory sticks directly with an unsurpassed sound quality. Also excellent as a DAC hooked up to appropriate modern day streamers such as AURALiC, Bluesound or even a classic Squeezebox Touch.

2 x 6922 valve output stage.

Output board upgraded with Clarity Cap output capacitors and non-inductive resistors.

£2995 retail

Review (

This is a digital product that I can listen to for long periods without fatigue or boredom. The only other digital product that did this for me were purposefully smoothing over the rough edges and sweetening the tonal balance. Blacknote isn’t artificially smoothing or sweetening with the DSS: they have come up with a better way of reassembling the zeroes and ones back into an organic whole.