10K Noble pot passive pre-amp – £90

The metal-bodied Noble 204Y is one of my favourite potentiometers – now getting quite rare.

10K is suitable for transistor power amplifiers.

More detail, clarity and tighter bass than Blue Alps but without the tendency to be bright/etched like a TKD.

Built into high quality black aluminium box with one input and 40 cm screened silver captive lead out to power amp to keep lead length short as befits a passive pre-amp.

Can be fitted with output sockets if required at no extra cost.


1 x 50K  TKD 2CP-2511. Silver tracks. Great channel matching. £40 (£80 retail)
1 x 50K TKD 2CP-2511. 1 wafer removed because of faulty track. Other channel wafer fine. TKD do not supply replacement wafers! Works fine as a mono or for spares. £25
1 x 250K TKD 2P-2511S. Superb channel matching. Stepped. £60

2 x 250K Blue Alps £6 each.
3 x 100K 128Y stereo (Bourns) metal frame potentiometers. Stepped. £40
1 x 100K Alps Black in good condition. £85
1 x 500K Alps Black stepped.

1 x 470K Sfernice – tighter bass than Blue Alps. £15

Siena Loudspeaker Cable – £950

4 metre pair.

It features solid core silver conductors and the special Gold Note geometry.

A sealed Elastollan® air tube filled with a special mineral oil working as a dielectric enables an almost perfect impedance throughout the whole length of the cable while damping the electrical energy of the conductor.

Silver in oil-damped tubing.

The detail of silver without the sheen.

A really excellent cable – not really known in the UK

Retail £1400

Audionote and Jensen Capacitors

2 X Audionote 1uF Silver foils (light 10 hrs use – measure perfectly) £594 each retail ex VAT – £500 the pair

2 X Jensen 2 uF Copper foils 200 WVDC (new unused) are at least £90 each retail – £100 the pair

2 X Jensen 4.7 uF Aluminium foils 100 WVDC (lightly used only in speaker crossover) are at least £147 each retail – £90 the pair.

See Hi-Fi Collective for latest price guide.

Others not yet priced:
2 x Copper Foil Audio Note 0.47uF 630V
1 x Silver Foil Audio Note 0.33uF 600V
2 x Silver Foil Jensen 0.33uF 630V
1 x Silver Foil Jensen 0.22uF 630V
1 x Copper Foil Jensen 0.22uF 630V
1 x Copper Foil Audio Note 0.1uF 630V
1 x Silver Foil Jensen 0.1uF
8 x Silver Foil Jensen 0.01uF 630V (2 labelled Transcapacitor for Croft)
2 x Copper Foil Audio Note 0.22uF 630V
2 x Copper Foil Audio Note 0.18uF 630V
2 x Copper Foil Audio Note 0.015uF 630V