“thank you Adrian Parsons for a musical experience without rival”

Occupation: Makes bespoke golf-clubs for professionals

Twenty years of madness made sane by subjectivity alone. my mind warped by permutation and choice i took a shot in the dark . i tried to simplify the variables. my then system consisted of 12 boxes,four of which were power supplies. cabling was  expensive and obvious. i listened to music in an environment fraught with danger. navigating the surface trunking essentially voided the east wing of the house. simpler had to be better.

well it was and still is. I now have the greatest listening pleasure without caveat. thank you Adrian Parsons for a musical experience without rival. your approach to music rendition is unique,affordable and incredibly energy efficient. sadly only those that get it will know this. each search is personal and therefore different in direction not destination . I am convinced that your knowledge would help anyone trying to find a musical sound .