Gold Note DS-1000 Music Streamer is on 6moons

The brand new DS-1000 is our take on music streamers, we suggest to use it in pair with QNAP or Synology NAS and your favourite UPnP music server (like MinimServer) to achieve the best reproduction quality.

You can also use DS-1000 to enjoy TIDAL or Qobuz simply installing the MConnect Player app (see MConnect for iOS and MConnect for Android) on your smartphone and tablet.
Visit to try the service for free with a 1 Month trial – please remember that Qobuz is not worldwide available yet.  

Now DS-1000 is also on 6moons:

“DS-1000 fears no competition. It is a very complete versatile machine with an unusually extensive upgrade path […] From a sonic standpoint, what else can be said than mission accomplished? Elegance, vividness, resolution, transparency and great dynamics honor the essence of music.”

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