Stan Beresford Bushmaster DAC

Stan’s budget £179 super DAC is on dem and “a bit of a giant-killer” – if you’ll pardon an overworked phrase.

You’d need to spend £580 on the Gold Note DAC-7 to find a significant improvement and the Goldenote is best in its class – yes you heard right, better than the well-reviewed British brands…


Bushmaster DAC

Role Audio present some of the best sounds of the show

Role Audio recently presented the Sampans, Sampan FTLs, Skiffs and the new NSMT 100M at the Audio Axpona Show driven by Logitec Squeezebox Touch and Peachtree iNova. No bass traps, no props. They simply placed the speakers in the middle of one of the worst sounding rooms. Some people said the room was the best sound of the show, some said the room was among the best six, and some said the combinations Role Audio displayed were the best value at the show.

We have the fantastic Gold Note DAC7 and streamers from Blacknote that sing on the end of a Squeezebox Touch or a Computer using the Asynchronous USB implementation that Gold Note are proud of.

Come to us for an alternative to the Arcam rDAC, Musical Fidelity DAC, Rega DAC etc – find out what our Italian DACs are capable of!


Negative Colouration

Since the birth of CD it seems that there have been moves to justify its sound; emphasized two-dimensional leading edges, attack and dynamics achieved through forwardness and a lack of body.
In demonstrations, this type of sound initially impresses many customers because there is a feeling of more detail achieved by means of a stark, spotlit soundstage. Long term this type of synthetic sound doesn’t satisfy. Welcome to the ‘brave new world’ of dry, mind over heart hi-fi, stripped of tonal colour.

A counter-reaction to this was the re-emergence of some single-ended designs which are initially entertaining with honeyed tones but long term you feel that you are seeing things through rose-coloured spectacles and missing insight into the recording especially at the frequency extremes.
The new Croft range of amplifiers include the Series 7 and 7R power amps which are directly coupled to the speaker like an OTL, yet more user-friendly and universal in application.
The latest Croft pre-amps have greater `speed` than their predecessors due to a simpler circuit while still retaining the body, detail and a midrange to die for. They include a superb phono stage which when compared to the vast majority of non-valve outboard phono stages on the market, give a feeling of depth and body unlike the grey, metallic-sounding transistorised competitors. The fad for stepped attenuators has evolved into one for passive transformers such as the Music First. This too is stark, hyper–detailed, initially impressive but not musical unless used with overly-rich ancillaries.

Gold Note CD Players

The Gold Note range of CD players are free of the synthetic overtones of the majority of non-valve CD players while avoiding the veil that many valve CD players place in the signal path to appear `organic`. Some CD players have switchable valve/non valve outputs and multiple settings which allow you to account for the sound to yourself and others by saying