Gold Note Tuscany Gold cartridge – £3500

Top of the range Moving Coil with silver coils.

Amazing detail and even-handedness.

Not run-in yet – less than 50 hours
£6200 retail.

The Tuscany Gold phono cartridge features the smallest, highest precision micro-coils Gold Note has ever produced. Featuring one of the shortest and stiffest cantilevers available, the Tuscany Gold is able to guarantee great tracking ability that allows the cartridge to be matched with almost any tonearm on the market. The revised body of the Tuscany Gold made of 7000 silicon alloy injected with semi-fluid polymers provides total vibration control for a top audio performance. Due to its excellent internal impedance of 40 ohm the Tuscany Gold can be easily matched with MC active phono preamps without any Step-Up transformer.
MC Low Output Phono Cartridge
– Output level: 0.15mV
– Frequency response: 10-70000Hz
– Impedance: 40ohm
– Suggested load: >400ohm
– Compliance: 15×10-6cm/dyne
– Channel separation: >35dB
– Suggested tracking weight: 1.4 to 2.0g
– Cantilever: extra short magnesium alloy
– Diamond: Super Micro Elliptical shape
– Mounting hole diamond distance: 5mm
– Total weight: 11g
– Body: solid block machined hardened aluminium and Sustarin
– Color: black body with gold logo and name

Machiavelli Red DIM phono cartridge. £700

Smooth and detailed dual inductive magnet design.

3.0 mV output.

Ex-dem just 3 hours use.

Retail £1099.

The Machiavelli Red is a top class Dual Inductive Magnet phono cartridge featuring easy internal impedance and high gain to enable a great sounding performance with any MM phono preamp. The Machiavelli Red features a boron cantilever with high precision diamond and strictly selected coils to achieve great performance. Its high mass body must be matched to suitable tonearms. Once the tonearm is well matched the Machiavelli Red enhances some of the greatest price-no-object sound performance on the market. (The Gold Note tonearms are well-suited to the Machiavelli Red.)

– Dual Inductive Magnet Design Phono Cartridge
– Output level: 3.0mV
– Frequency response: 10-40000Hz
– Impedance: 400ohm
– Suggested load: 47Kohm
– Compliance: 15×10-6cm/dyne
– Channel separation: >28dB
– Suggested tracking weight: 1.4 to 2.0gram
– Cantilever: boron
– Diamond: 0.1×0.18mm Elliptical shape
– Mounting hole diamond distance: 9mm
– Total weight: 15g
– Body: solid block machined anodized aluminium
– Color: black body with red logo and name—