TKD potentiometer – £40

1 x 50K  TKD 2CP-2511. Silver tracks. Great channel matching. £40 (£80 retail)
1 x 50K TKD 2CP-2511. 1 wafer removed because of faulty track. Other channel wafer fine. TKD do not supply replacement wafers! Works fine as a mono. £25
1 x 250K TKD 2P-2511S. Superb channel matching. Stepped. £60
3 x 100K 128Y stereo (possibly Bourns) metal frame potentiometers. Stepped. £40
1 x 100K Alps Black in good condition. £85
1 x 500K Alps Black stepped.

Gold Note Tuscany Gold cartridge – £3500

Top of the range Moving Coil with silver coils.

Amazing detail and even-handedness.

Not run-in yet – less than 50 hours
£6200 retail.

The Tuscany Gold phono cartridge features the smallest, highest precision micro-coils Gold Note has ever produced. Featuring one of the shortest and stiffest cantilevers available, the Tuscany Gold is able to guarantee great tracking ability that allows the cartridge to be matched with almost any tonearm on the market. The revised body of the Tuscany Gold made of 7000 silicon alloy injected with semi-fluid polymers provides total vibration control for a top audio performance. Due to its excellent internal impedance of 40 ohm the Tuscany Gold can be easily matched with MC active phono preamps without any Step-Up transformer.
MC Low Output Phono Cartridge
– Output level: 0.15mV
– Frequency response: 10-70000Hz
– Impedance: 40ohm
– Suggested load: >400ohm
– Compliance: 15×10-6cm/dyne
– Channel separation: >35dB
– Suggested tracking weight: 1.4 to 2.0g
– Cantilever: extra short magnesium alloy
– Diamond: Super Micro Elliptical shape
– Mounting hole diamond distance: 5mm
– Total weight: 11g
– Body: solid block machined hardened aluminium and Sustarin
– Color: black body with gold logo and name

Musical Fidelity A5cr (choke regulated) Power Amplifier – £800

Musical Fidelity A5cr power amp (255wpc into 8ohms). High damping factor and powerful enough to  drive most difficult loads and low-sensitivity designs such as ATC, B&W etc.

£700 of upgrades by Musical Fidelity expert John Sampson who worked for MF.

The modifications achieve a more natural (i.e. less ‘synthetic’) yet more detailed sound.


Matched low noise driver stage transistors.
Upgraded feedback diodes.
Upgraded power supply capacitors.
Upgraded driver stage supply capacitors.
Upgraded decoupling caps.
Audio grade Bypass caps in all supply and signal caps.
Audio grade Bypass caps on choke regulation.
Burr brown Op-amps.
High current Power cabling and internal speaker cabling.

Additional upgrades are the speaker terminals. The standard terminals fitted on the A5cr are made of brass with gold flash finish . Now has WBT Nextgen terminals, the Nextgen terminals are made of 100% high quality Copper.

Dimensions (HxWxD in cm): 12.5  x 44 x 41.5
Weight: 19.4kg